IDEA Graduate Program in Economics


Applications for 2020-21 IDEA Master Program are now open.

IDEA Graduate Program in Economics
IDEA Graduate Program in Economics


PhD Program


In the PhD Program, students are required to participate in the research activities of the department (seminars, workshops, etc.) and to submit their work every year and present it before a small group of faculty members, who will provide advice and evaluate the progress. By the end of the third year, all students are expected to have successfully defended their dissertation before a committee. After a successful defense, the PhD degree is awarded.





IDEA is also part of the European Network for Training in Economic Research (ENTER). Enter is a network of doctoral programs in Europe. The partners of the ENTER network are:

IDEA doctoral students may spend one or two semesters in partner institutions. During their stay, students pursue research under the additional supervision of a faculty member at the host institution and may follow additional courses.

The ENTER network celebrates an annual meeting, which is known as the ENTER Jamboree. Selected students from the partner institutions present and discuss their research work.

Upon satisfactory completion of the doctoral degree, participants of the ENTER network may receive a diploma signed by the members of the executive committee certifying their participation in the European exchange program.